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Picture of Stainless Steel Insulation Pot

Stainless Steel Insulation Pot

1. The filter element is made of deep-sea diatomaceous earth, which can isolate heavy metals, different colors and odors, bacteria, etc.
2. Suitable for model GW-FP10 and GW-FP20.
Picture of Activated Carbon Water Filter

Activated Carbon Water Filter

1. The filter element is made of activated carbon, which has high adsorption capacity and effectively removes chlorine to improve the taste.
2. Suitable for model GW-FP20.
Picture of Sorbet Strainer

Sorbet Strainer

1. The filter is PEI and 304 stainless steel, used to make fresh fruit sorbet.
2. Suitable for Model GW-SCP100.
Picture of Stainless Steel Steamer

Stainless Steel Steamer

1. The steamer is made of food grade 304 stainless steel.
2. Suitable for 34 & 36CM Diamond Wok.
¥183.08 ¥117.76