Slow Juicer & Multi Purpose Blender

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Picture of Multi Purpose Blender

Multi Purpose Blender

1. A variety of cooking functions, suitable for ten kinds of functions such as thick soup, porridge, fruits and vegetables, smoothies, etc., a fully broken wall health machine for both hot and cold.
2. Special thickened high boron glass, equipped with stainless steel serrated blunt knife.
3. The high-efficiency intelligent system, with the anti-overflow temperature detection device, is easy to operate, allowing you to easily taste the taste of the food.
¥1,838.16 ¥1,470.16
Picture of Slow & Cold Press Juicer

Slow & Cold Press Juicer

1. The cold-pressing and slow-grinding juice extraction technology, with low-speed cold-pressing rotation of 45/revolution per minute, can completely separate the pulp and juice.
2. There is no heat during the process, which reduces the oxidation process during operation, and retains the vitamins and enzymes in the fruits and vegetables.
3. Extracting pure natural raw juice, the original flavor is not added, and there will be no loss of nutrition.
¥1,838.16 ¥1,102.16
Picture of Sorbet Strainer

Sorbet Strainer

1. The filter is PEI and 304 stainless steel, used to make fresh fruit sorbet.
2. Suitable for Model GW-SCP100.