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Picture of Chopping Boards

Chopping Boards

1. It is made of natural pine wood and pressed at high temperature to solve the problems of moldy, chipping and cracking of the original cutting board.
2. 2. Through high temperature compression technology, this cutting board have a high density and impermeability.
3. Can be cleaned with detergent, breaking the shortcomings of wooden chopping boards.
4. Dishwasher safe, high temperature resistance around 160 degrees.
5. Grove holds juice from meat, fruits or vegetables.
Picture of Cast Iron Wok

Cast Iron Wok

Picture of Maifan Stone Wok

Maifan Stone Wok

1. Aluminum wok body, light and easy to use.
2. The maifan stone is coated, it won't stick to the frying pan, convenient and easy to clean.
3. Suitable for frying, only need to be heated in medium and fine heat, heat conduction is even, heat transfer is fast.
4. Applicable to open flame, induction cooker, gas stove, electric ceramic stove, convection stove and electric stove.
Picture of Crude Iron Fry Pan

Crude Iron Fry Pan

Picture of 不鏽鋼廚刀 (砍骨刀)

不鏽鋼廚刀 (砍骨刀)

Picture of 不鏽鋼廚刀 (中式菜刀)

不鏽鋼廚刀 (中式菜刀)

Picture of 不鏽鋼廚刀套裝 (3件裝)

不鏽鋼廚刀套裝 (3件裝)

Picture of Nitride Steel Wok

Nitride Steel Wok

¥734.16 ¥366.16